A Happy New Year with WP-Table Reloaded 1.9.3!

January 5th, 2012 by Tobias Leave a reply »

A Happy New Year to everyone! 2012 starts with a maintenance release of WP-Table Reloaded. The automatic update for version 1.9.3 should be available in your WordPress Dashboard shortly.

I’m especially happy about the improved integration in the WordPress search, which should lead to better search results when searching for content in tables. Also, a small change in the default CSS code (thanks to Allan Jardine) should lead to less trouble with blank space below tables (which some users experienced).

The other changes in WP-Table Reloaded 1.9.3 mostly consist of bugfixes and improvements:

  • enhancement: reduce problems with blank space below tables, caused by a no-longer necessary minimum height
  • enhancement: improve behavior and returned results of integration of the WP search
  • enhancement: many improvements to the performance of JavaScript code on the WP-Table Reloaded screens
  • enhancement: more possibilities for developer interaction (additional plugin filters, etc.)
  • bugfix: fixed naming of the sorting arrow images, which where pointing in the wrong direction
  • bugfix: fixes to handling of the “Insert Image” thickbox
  • bugfix: minor fixes to logical errors in JavaScript code on the WP-Table Reloaded screens
  • IMPORTANT: Dropped support for outdated WordPress 3.0 (I always recommend using the newest version!)
  • languages: Added Bulgarian

You can download WP-Table Reloaded 1.9.3 from the plugin’s page or from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

If you like the plugin, I’d be very happy if you would give it a high rating in the WordPress Plugin Directory. You might also consider a donation or have a look at my Amazon wishlist. This will encourage me to further develop and maintain the plugin and keep giving countless hours of support. Thank you!

If you experience any trouble, find bugs or have feature requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the means mentioned in the support section. Please make sure to carefully read the plugin’s page as well as the Documentation before asking for support, as this will make it easier for me to provide support. A lot of questions are already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.