Testing of WP-Table Reloaded 1.4-beta1

July 16th, 2009 by Tobias Leave a reply »

Update: This post hast been superseded by the announcement of 1.4-beta2.

A new version of WP-Table Reloaded is in the making, which will contain a lot of changes and cool new features. This is a (probably incomplete) list of the new stuff:

  • restyled “List of Tables” to suit WP 2.7/2.8 layout, list now sortable
  • added Table and shortcode Preview in the backend
  • added possibility to show/hide rows/columns with checkboxes in the backend
  • textarea for cell data now grows when focussed
  • added “Custom Data Fields” to be able to store table meta data, accessible with a shortcode
  • added “Last edited” (time and user) information
  • fixed many minor bugs, errors and glitches (improved HTML validation)
  • optimized and restructured big parts of the code
  • dropped support for WordPress 2.5
  • added Italian and Japanese language files

Because of the large number of changes and to give the translators enough time to translate the (I hope not too many) new strings, I decided to start a public beta test of version 1.4. (My current plan is to release 1.4 at the end of the month, so that it can be a very stable release. This will also give me some time to update and extend the documentation.)

So, if you are willing to help me a little bit and want to take part in the beta test, please download the developer version “1.4-beta1” developer version “1.4-beta2”.

Note that I dropped support of WordPress 2.5, so you will need WordPress 2.6 or higher to use the new release! (I did this, because 2.5 is quite old now and required a lot of special attention, because some new functions are not available.)

To install it, deactivate your current version, replace the folder “wp-table-reloaded” in your “plugins” folder with the one from the downloaded zip-file and activate the plugin again. Deactivation and Activation are VERY important!

BUT: Please not that this is a beta release. Although I’ve tested it on my site, I do NOT recommend using it on your production site. As always: Please make sure to have a backup of your files and your database before installing it. Thanks!

If you encounter any bugs, errors or problems, please leave them here as a comment. Feature requests are also welcome, but will most probably not be implemented in the 1.4-release, but later.

If you are a translator (or if you would like to translate the plugin into your language), please go ahead and do so. There’s .pot-file included in case you need it. There are a few new strings to translate, but all in all it should not take too long.
By the way: I use the “Codestyling Localization” plugin to translate the plugin to German as it’s quite easy and more comfortable to use than editors like poEdit.
After you are done, please email me the *.po and the *.mo file of your language. In any case: Please let me know, if you will be translating the new version or if you can not do it (for whatever reasons). Big thanks to all translators!

Thanks already to all beta-testers! As always: Please don’t hesitate to comment or email me with any questions!