WP-Table Reloaded 1.2 now available!

May 10th, 2009 by Tobias Leave a reply »

Development continues and I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of WP-Table Reloaded 1.2.

The automatic update should be available through your WordPress admin area shortly. Remember: In case you’re upgrading from a version smaller then 1.1, please make a backup of your CSS stylesheet first.

There were a few bugs fixed, but those shouldn’t have affected a lot of people as they occured in rare occasions only.

But the list of new features is a little longer:

  • new button “Table” in the toolbar of the HTML-editor to easily include a table (without having to know the Shortcode) into a post/page
  • Bulk actions: Copying, Deleting and Importing (from wp-Table) several tables at the same time
  • new parameters for the Shortcode to change settings when displaying a table
    • (This includes a possibility for easier usage of different column widths, showing only certain parts of a table and all table-specific settings that are accessible in the backend.)
  • added Template Tag function (with all possibilities the Shortcode has) to enable you to show a table in places where Shortcodes don’t work (e.g. if your theme is not widget-ready, or in the footer)
  • table data is sortable in the backend
  • new import/export class for CSV

There also were some changes “under the hood”, which should make the plugin more robust and bring a higher performance. For example, the inclusion of the Tablesorter plugin was optimized, so that it’s now only loaded if there really is a table using it on the page. Also, all JavaScript is loaded in the page footer (where possible) for faster page loading.

For the complete list of fixed or implemented issues, have a look at the issue tracker on Google Code.

Additionally, most of the translations were updated and Czech was added as a new available language. (French, Spanish and Turkish are not yet updated, but will be as soon as I receive the translations.)

As promised in earlier versions, I have written a Documentation (that includes more technical details) than the plugin page, especially regarding the Shortcode, the Template Tag function, Import/Export, CSS styling or the Tablesorter.

You can download the latest release 1.2 from the plugin’s page or from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

If you like the plugin, I’d be very happy if you would rate it in the WordPress Plugin Directory. You also might consider a donation or have a look at my Amazon wishlist. This will encourage me to further develop the plugin and keep giving countless hours of support. Thank you!

If you experience any trouble, find bugs or have feature requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the means mentioned in the support section. Please make sure to carefully read the plugin’s page as well as the Documentation.

I hope you enjoy the new release!