WP-Table Reloaded is outdated!

WP-Table Reloaded has been replaced by TablePress. For more information, please see the announcement post and the official TablePress website.

Extensions are code snippets that add small custom features to WP-Table Reloaded. This is made possible by several “Plugin Actions” and “Plugin Filters” that I added to the plugin.
To better understand what they are, you should read the announcement on WP-Table Reloaded Extensions.

Every now and then I’ll present and explain a WP-Table Reloaded Extension in a blog post, that you can then copy into your site, if it is interesting to you.

This is a list of all WP-Table Reloaded Extensions that I have presented in an individual blog post. In each post the purpose and function of the code is explained a little bit.

To get started with your own or with one of the presented Extensions:

  • Copy the foundation code from below into a new text file.
  • Save that file as “wp-table-reloaded-extensions.php”.
  • Move it to the directory “/wp-contents/plugins/” of your WordPress installation on your webspace or server (but NOT into the “wp-table-reloaded” folder!)
  • Activate the newly available plugin “WP-Table Reloaded Extensions” from the WordPress Plugins screen.
  • Any code for an Extension has to be added to that file (below the existing code and above the closing PHP bracket ?> in the last line of code).
  • Of course you can add more than one Extension to that file (I recommend to separate them by a comment line that describes what each part does.)

This is the foundation code (a so-called “Plugin Header” for a new WordPress Plugin called “WP-Table Reloaded Extensions”):

Plugin Name: WP-Table Reloaded Extensions
Plugin URI: http://tobias.baethge.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-table-reloaded-english/extensions/
Description: Custom Extensions for WP-Table Reloaded 
Version: 1.0
Author: YOU, Tobias Baethge
// this is where the actual code goes

If you have questions or comments to an Extension, just leave them in the corresponding post. If you have ideas for further Extensions, just let me know! I’m also happy about feedback of any kind!